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It's why we're the best.

Exlusive Discord sneaker group, providing our members with the top services on the market.

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Here at Secure.STC we believe that if we aren't striving to remain the best quality service on the market, there is no point being here at all. That's why the team behind Secure.STC are passionate, forward thinking individuals that are always looking to take the next step, far before anyone else has seen it. We pride ourselves on not only providing our customers with the best service at the time, but providing them with the assurance that their membership, although the same price will only increase in value.

Our Extensive List of Features

Why Secure.STC?

Out of all the groups on the market, why choose Secure.STC? Trust me, we have that covered.

Free ATC Slots

Enjoy free add to cart slots, providing opportunities to carts free of charge.


Only pay for your cart if it's successful, there's no risk involved!

Lightning Fast Monitors

Never miss a drop with our lightning fast monitors, across a range of stores.

Early Links

Gain access to product links before anyone else! more opportunity to cook.

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Our Monitors

We have you covered

Our members have access to a range of the fastest monitors on the market, ensuring they never miss an important release.

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Got Any Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before getting in touch, see if we can answer your questions via our FAQ section.

What is Secure.STC?

Secure.STC is a VIP discord group powered by SOLE TO CART providing its customers with the tools they need to succeed in securing their sneakers.

What payments do we accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

What is our refund policy?

After memberships are purchased there is no refund on the subscription.

What do we provide?

Our Discord group provides many extensive features from link monitors to early links to release guides & many more. One highlight is the PAS slot "Pay After Success" where members will have the luxury of paying for their slots only if it hits. This means there are no more temp holds in your accounts. We will also be providing tons of FREE slots for our members.

What does PAS slots mean?

PAS slots stands for "Pay After Success." This means you will not be charged upfront for the slot and rather charged only if your slot hits.

What makes us different from other Discord groups?

The only way to find out is to join =)

How much is the monthly payment?

Your subscription will be $55 per month.